miércoles, 19 de junio de 2013


These days when our english teacher was absent, we have been reading some stories and we have been working in groups.

The story I like the most is The Black Cat one.

It's about a man who loved animals and had a lot of them, but little by little he became an alcoholic and started to be very violent with his pets.
His favourite one was a black cat called Pluto. He used to spend most of his time with it, but when he drank too much he hurt it until he definetelly killed it. He started missingbhis cat so he take an other one when he was in a bar one day. But that cat brought a lot of problems between the man and his wife and he killed the women trying to kill the cat when he was so drank. The alcoholic man hid his wife's body behind the walls and the police caught him because the cat misteriously was with the woman.
That's the reason why the man is in prison telling us this story.

I liked this chapter of the book because we read it last year in spanish lesons and we learned lot of things about it. It's the most misterious story in the book from.my point of view and I think that some things of the story are related to nowdays culture, such as the black cats are suposed to bring us bad luck.

Finally, I think that it has been a good oportunity to work in groups because every member of the group has had to do a different thing so we have worked very hard.

lunes, 25 de febrero de 2013

My special ability.

At the very beginning I thought I didn't have any special ability untilI realisedI can lick my elbow.

I can touch my elbow with the tip of my tongue and you're supposed to be very flexible and only just a few people can do it.

I realised I could do it one day, when someone mentioned that it was impossible to do that and everybody started trying it without any results.

When they saw that I could do it, they started asking some questions such as: "How can you do it?" "I can´t believe it" they said. They all were very surprised!

I don't really think that's a useful ability, but it's a way to show people that there's nothing impossible.

It's me licking my elbow.