domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

Young spanish promise of tennis; Pedro Domínguez.

Pedro, who is a young promise of sixteen years old from Malaga, started playing tennis when he was 5, because his father used to play this sport and he decided to sign him to tennis lessons. He liked playing tennis, so he decided to continue playing it.

He has been with the spanish tennis selection to several countries like Portugal, France, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and Belarus.

Pedro has won the cup of nations in the final against Serbia and he also has been the champion of Spain four times, two individual and two in doubles.

He says that it's very difficult and requires much sacrifice to study and compete at the same time, but if you like tennis as he do, things become easier. But fortunately teachers understand him and are quite good with him, and he has a twin sister in the same class that gives him the notes she takes.

Pedro's model to follow is Rafael Nadal, because since he was young he liked his tecniques and how he plays it sport.

This young promise tell us that when he is playing important maches, he tries to think only in the match and not in things that are happening outside the court.

I have saw him playing tennis once in a competition that took place in my tennis club, and I was surprised about who good he was. Appart from being good in sport, he is a very friendly boy.

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